Terms and Conditions

1. Exhibition : Art Speaks -  International Art Exchange- Shanghai 2010

2.  Date/ venue :

Exhibition Date: May  31 to June 3, 2010 /The Bund Museum
Package tour - May 28 to June 4, 2010 ( 7 nights/8days)

3.  Exhibition co organizers:

ArtGroup International
The Bund Art Gallery (Shanghai)

4. Opening
May 31,2010 @ 10:30 am  @The Bund Museum (Shanghai)

5. Art Conference:
Shanghai Normal University ,  May 30,2010@ 1430—1700 ( tbc)

6. Artwork(s):
Each artist can submit 1 to 2 pieces of artworks in any media. Dimensions of artwork not to exceed 1meter including frame.

7. Registration & Eligibility
To register, each artist is required to follow the registration procedure. Completed registration has to be submitted on or before November 15, 2009 via email: artevent2010@gmail.com  

The number of participants is limit to 25 only. Among the 25 artists, 20 are artists from overseas. ArtGroup International will send out notification to a selected number of artists.  The selected participants are based upon first come first serve basis.

8. Payment of  Exhibition,  tour cum cultural exchange package
The total amount to be paid by each participant is US$ 1, 200 . This amount is valid only before (*15 November  2010, after the date, there will be an increase in the price for tour package as well as other problems like difficulty to book for  room in the same hotel room and air ticket to Shanghai,  fully book...

Early submission is deem necessary.

The amount is to pay for the following:
 a) Package tour - cultural visit, art expo trip ( please see the related document for the exhibition cum tour package) that include 7nights/ 8days accommodation at 4 stars hotel ( May 28 to June 3 2010)
( refer to package tour document )

b) Exhibition catalogue - each artist is entitled for 2 pages coverage at the catalogue and will be given 1 complementary copy each.

Note:  Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you submit your Registration Form together with your payment. Payment once submitted is non refundable.

9. Payment Online
We accept only payment via online system so as to promote globalization of art. We will send you the link for online payment via email upon receipt of your registration materials.  Please make sure that your email address stated in the Registration Form is correct.

10. Publication-
Full-colour catalogues will be produced to accompany this art exhibition. The catalogue will feature all participating artists. Each artist is entitled to have 2 pages to feature 2 artworks, the artwork's medium and dimensions, a photograph of the artist, brief biography and an artists statement related to the theme  about
150 words. (If Chinese or English text about 250 words) Each artist will receive one copy of the catalogue.

Artist can submit the required registration materials via email to : artevent2010@gmail.com  

11. Framing and hanging requirements:
Artists are responsible to make their own framing. All artworks submitted must be properly framed.  Works on paper use plexi sheet or Perspex and a strong wire attached. Please avoid glass.

12. Transportation of artwork
Each artist is responsible for the transportation of her own artwork to and from the venues of exhibition .The cost of transportation to be borne by the individual artist. However we would suggest each artist to travel with their own artwork on flight.

13. Insurance of artworks:
Participating artists will have to organize insurance for the time that their artworks are traveling to and from Malaysia/ Shanghai, as the organizers can not be responsible for any loss or damage to artworks traveling to or from the exhibition venue.

14. Sale of artwork:
All the artworks on display must be for sale. Please indicate a price for your artwork.The gallery will charge a  50 % commission rate  based upon the actual selling price.

15. Art Tour Package ( including Visit to World Expo,  Accommodation & Food)
In order to ensure a  smooth running of the exhibition and its related art exchange activities, the organizers will collaborate with art tour agency to arrange for cultural visit/World Expo package tour and hotel accommodation.

Please refer to :Shanghai World Expo & Cultural Exchange Tour Package

16. Agreement
The organizers reserve the right to reproduce any work submitted for educational research, publication and promotional purposes. The organizers reserve the right to reject any work that deem offensive on religious, national or racial grounds or representing any other form of discrimination and offence to morality or human rights, as well as any work not in accordance with the theme of the exhibition.

17. Responsibility
The participant releases the organizer from any responsibility and third party claims related to the contents of the artwork he/she is submitting for the Exhibition.
Besides, the artist/school/publisher hereby releases the organizers of the exhibitions abroad from all liability for damage to submit works (including theft and fire) incurred during transport, while held at the exhibitions or while being returned.

The organizer reserves the right to change the plan, venue of the exhibition at anytime after giving notice to the participants.
The organizer reserve the right to alter and amend any of the Terms and conditions at any time when necessary for the orderly operation of the exhibition.

19. Contact:
Yeong Ning
ArtGroup Internaitonal Coordinator
c/o Fine Art College of Shanghai University
Email: yeongning@gmail.com
Mobile: 0086 15000544569 ( Shanghai)
Mobile:   006 0174118912 ( Penang)

* Deadline postpone to December 15,  2010